How to Save Thousands with These Free Cybersecurity Programs

(This was originally published on Optimal Partners’ blog.) Cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing Higher Ed institutions currently. Unfortunately, third-party penetration testing and vulnerability assessments can be incredibly expensive, especially for large universities. It may sound too-good-to-be-true, but there is a suite of cybersecurity programs offered for free to help private companies andContinue reading “How to Save Thousands with These Free Cybersecurity Programs”

What will Higher Ed IT Look like in 2020?

The future of Higher Education is a popular topic of discussion among academics and administrative staff alike. But, while there are plenty of differing positions about what will facilitate the most important changes in the next few years, there seems to be a consensus that technology will be leading the charge. In an attempt toContinue reading “What will Higher Ed IT Look like in 2020?”

3 Greatest Edtech Challenges Specific to State Universities

Most Higher Ed IT departments face similar challenges with budget restraints, hiring and retaining talented staff, and balancing the maintenance of existing systems with the need to implement emerging technologies. As if that weren’t enough, IT departments at state universities also run into a variety of specific problems that can further complicate how they operate. From aContinue reading “3 Greatest Edtech Challenges Specific to State Universities”

3 Higher Ed Experts Share their Blended Learning Advice

(This was originally published on eCampus News on June 15th, 2018.) With a growing non-traditional student population, many colleges and universities are looking to blended learning technology and strategy to meet their pedagogical needs. But finding a combination of online and in-person components that match the expectations of both students and faculty can be daunting.Continue reading “3 Higher Ed Experts Share their Blended Learning Advice”