Bonnaroo 2019 Day 2 – Childish Gambino, Phish, & “Listening” to Sets from Campsite

While the move-in and first day of Bonnaroo 2019 were a total and utter fiasco, the festival wasn’t so bad once we were actually allowed onto the farm and given a good night’s rest. Nevertheless, Helsboro left a sour taste in my mouth that was hard to wash out. In moments like this, it’s importantContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2019 Day 2 – Childish Gambino, Phish, & “Listening” to Sets from Campsite”

Bonnaroo 2019 Day 1 – The Devil Went Down To Helsboro

Traditionally, my day 1 Bonnaroo blog usually consists of a sentence or two explaining that, while you may well have to wait upwards of 3+ hours to enter the Farm after arriving in Manchester TN, that’s pretty average for a music festival and it’s well worth the price of entry. That being said, the firstContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2019 Day 1 – The Devil Went Down To Helsboro”

Bonnaroo 2019 – Preparing for the 1,000 Mile Road Trip

Bonnaroo 2019 is quickly approaching. This time next week, I’ll be relaxing in my campsite, bracing myself for the Tennessee mid-day heat. Before I get there, however, there’s a lot of preparation that I have to get done. In this post, I hope to outline a few of the most important items for any BonnarooContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2019 – Preparing for the 1,000 Mile Road Trip”

Bonnaroo 2018 – Day 6: Recovery & a Safe Return Home

If you heeded my advice from the last Bonnaroo 2018 blog post, you’ve prepared for an extra day of travel and general detox before trying to reenter the civilian world. Depending on how you got to Manchester, TN, you are either looking forward to a short, albeit cramped, airplane ride or you’re gearing up forContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2018 – Day 6: Recovery & a Safe Return Home”

Bonnaroo 2018 – Day 5: Sunday, FUNday.

The last day of Bonnaroo is here. Sunday on the farm brings with it a bittersweet feeling after a week in the Tennessee heat. On one hand, you are most likely sore, sweaty, and quickly realizing how much money you’ve spent with your Paypal-linked wristband. On the other, it’s the last day of the bestContinue reading “Bonnaroo 2018 – Day 5: Sunday, FUNday.”