Return of Reckoning – Warhammer Online Follow-up

With the United States not looking any closer to figuring out it’s response to the coronavirus than it has the past few months, it’s been a great time to get back into the Warhammer Online private server, Return of Reckoning.

The rogue server just recently ran a Twitch Drops promotional event, which caught my attention and had me back in the world of Warhammer all over again. This time, however, I took a more PvP focused approach. During my first attempt at trying the game out, I spent a lot of time on group quests and open world PvP without touching organized PvP. Since objective oriented PvP is available from level 1 onward, it’s easier than any other MMO, except perhaps Guild Wars 1, to jump straight into player versus player.

Warhammer Online suits this play style perfectly, allowing me to experiment with new classes in PvP while ranking up. I decided to take my engineer out for a spin and ended up at the top of the damage charts multiple times. My attempts with my Witch Elf did not go as well, however. Being able to immediately scale up to the rank of the PvP content you’re doing is handy when you want to be able to start ganking other players right from the get-go.

Return to Reckoning suffers from the same issues that many PVP-centric MMORPG run into, namely that team coordination is a must. There will be some games where your team is just not matching up to your opponents. You can get completely locked out of a contested zone or get your base camped by enemy players through no fault of your own, which is a deal breaker for some folks. If you have an even modestly coordinated team, however, you should have a blast.

My main focus during my last gaming session was scenarios, an instanced PVP variant that players can queue for. Many scenarios share similar mechanics: carrying a flag, capturing control points, or carrying flags while capturing control points. That being said, the straight forward nature of combat allows players to focus more on their individual positioning and role on the team rather than fulfilling some arbitrary gimmick.

Once again, I would whole heatedly recommend Warhammer Online: Return to Reckoning to anyone who has even a passing interest in PVP MMOs or the Warhammer franchise. For a rogue server, RTR offers some of the best player versus player content on the market with plenty of extra fluff for everyone else to enjoy as well.

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