Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid v1.6 100% Combos

Hey y’all! I’ve been busy playing a lot of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid lately, so I decided to create a few touch of death combo videos for my new team of Jason (Red Ranger), Goldar, and Udonna. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them: Goldar 100% Damage CornerContinue reading “Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid v1.6 100% Combos”

Merfight Combo Videos – Indie Fighting Game Prototype

If I had to describe myself as a fighting game player, I would call myself a lab rat. I enjoy nothing more than to sit down in training mode with a new fighting game and explore the mechanics of combat. This is why it is such a pleasure to be able to play Mattrified Games’Continue reading “Merfight Combo Videos – Indie Fighting Game Prototype”