Merfight Combo Videos – Indie Fighting Game Prototype

If I had to describe myself as a fighting game player, I would call myself a lab rat. I enjoy nothing more than to sit down in training mode with a new fighting game and explore the mechanics of combat. This is why it is such a pleasure to be able to play Mattrified Games’ newest 2D fighting game project, Merfight, in an early stage of development. Given the opportunity, I created a few combo videos to demonstrate what I’ve found so far in the 4.1 version of the game, which you can find below:

Merfight 4.1 Combo Video

This video covers a few combos for Gigi, Bolt, Strike, and Arctina. I decided to leave Atlas for his own video, which prompted me to create videos for each of the characters. Expect more coming soon.

Atlas is a really interesting character, especially when it comes to using Rush Gems to cancel his specials and extend his combos.

Strike is an interesting mix of a rush down character and a grappler. He has great combo potential, but can mix-up his opponents with grab resets as well.

Bolt is one of my favorite fighters so far. Not only does he have charged versions of his specials, but he has uncharged ones as well, meaning that he can throw out weaker versions of his specials moves while walking or jumping forward.

Gigi has a lot of tools in her move list including linking normals, repeated wall and ground bounces, repeatable supers, and much more. Check the video out below!

As a rekka character, Arctina has a very unique feel to her combos. Having an oki trap in addition to strong pokes and pressure means that once she gets a hit, she’ll have interesting oki mix-ups afterward.

Finally, here’s a little video I made after Matt (the developer) mentioned that he would be introducing damage scaling during combos. I wanted to see what kinds of 100% damage combos were possible and the results were pretty shocking.

If you like what you see and want to support Mattrified Games, follow him on Twitter @mattrified and check out the game here.

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