Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid v1.6 100% Combos

Hey y’all! I’ve been busy playing a lot of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid lately, so I decided to create a few touch of death combo videos for my new team of Jason (Red Ranger), Goldar, and Udonna. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed making them:

Goldar 100% Damage Corner Combo

I recently picked up Goldar because of his assist, oppressive normals, and flight shenanigans. His damage potential in the corner is pretty on par for the cast, but his power in the neutral by himself or as an assist makes him stand out. This combo takes advantage of Jason’s OTG assist.

Udonna 100% Damage Corner Combo

Udonna has been my girl since day 1, but patch v0.6 has given her a lot of new tools to keep up with the rest of the cast. She can now combo after her super and OTG with her forward special and sweep.

Jason (Red Ranger) 100% Damage Combo

Like Goldar, I picked up Jason recently because he’s easy to use, deals tons of damage, and has lots of utility as an assist. This combo can start anywhere and leads to your opponent dying for 3 bars and a Goldar assist.

I highly suggest you try out Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid if you enjoy the Rangers franchise, versus-style fighting games, or fun and flexible combo systems. Check it out!

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